Hey everyone, thanks for your interest! This campaign is aimed at Simon Coveney but if enough people got involved it could be extended to any antichoice TD or commentator. Following the Minister’s assertion that he was “uncomfortable” with extending abortion rights, @goChaela, @siobhkanga, @blairJ640 and more began tweeting on #uncomfortableaboutthe8th. There is some heartfelt testimony on the hashtag by now, and those messages really expose what it is that politicians are willing to abandon us to.

This action is all about making Simon and his rights-shy colleagues a wee bit more comfy with abortion rights, the pets. If you are up for it, we are going to lovebomb him/them with cushions, each cushion bearing a message of repeal, either from #uncomfortableaboutthe8th or any message of your own choosing. You can send it anonymously or in your own name – signed pieces are always taken more seriously. I’ll be sending mine with this note:

Minister Simon Coveney
Main Street
Co Cork

Dear Minister,

I was very sorry to hear that you are uncomfortable about abortion rights. It must be very difficult for you, being asked to address the actual harm, pain and anguish being caused to women in Ireland by our current laws. I must apologise for not considering your feelings as I campaign to not ever have to relive the experience of my first pregnancy when doctors tried to force me to have an unnecessary c-section, threatening me with the 8th amendment. I am ashamed to admit that I neglected to reflect on your needs when comforting my friends and family who have travelled to get the care they deserved outside their own home land. It never even crossed my mind to ponder how the pregnancies and decisions of complete strangers, unknown women facing pregnancy loss, dealing with messy, real lives, might present a personal moral quandary for you. What was I thinking?

I am hoping in some small way to make up for my lack of care around your emotions. I did not realise TDs were so sensitive to the deeply personal decisions of strangers. Please, accept this comfy cushion as a token of my regard for you. Use it, lay down your head on it, hug it. And please, become less uncomfortable with my rights.

Best regards,

Emma Burns etc

What you need:

  • A small cushion
  • A permanent marker
  • Packaging
  • Postage stamps

The cushion doesn’t have to be new. The smaller the better to keep postage costs down. Any colour will do, but lighter colours are easier to work with. You can use one with or without a cover. It’s a little bit easier to work on a removable cover than directly on the cushion pad. If you want to buy new, Heatons, Guineys, IKEA, The Range, Tesco etc have them for €3-5.

Any permanent marker will do. You can get fancy if you have the skills and equipment and use fabric pens, embroidery, whatever you like, but a basic Sharpie will do the job.

Choose your message.

Write or sew it on to the cushion.

That’s it!

Pack the cushion in any materials at all, as long as you can wrap the cushion up and put it in the post. If it’s small, you might get away with stuffing it in an A4 envelope – postage will be cheaper. Otherwise it will be classified as a small packet and will cost about €5.25. I appreciate that for some people, getting to the post office will be the hardest part – if you have difficulties here let me know and we’ll work to get your contribution picked up.

Here are our efforts, by me and @fragglefeast (I never said I had any talent btw). We did these tonight in a bit of a rush, I’m sure you all can do way better. I hacked up one cushion into 2 smaller ones, hence the delay posting. I’ll probably do another, better one over the weekend.



This action will be most effective if they all arrive within a 2-3 day period. I had hoped we could do this without making it known but I can’t see a way to do that without dming nearly 100 of you & I just don’t have time. I suggest we aim to post them all next Monday 15th May. Don’t fuss, just grab that cushion that keeps falling off the sofa, that pointless one on your bed, the one in the laundry bin that you can’t quite get the mystery stains out of, and go for it.

That address again:

Minister Simon Coveney
Main Street
Co Cork

… or send to any uncomfortable antichoicer of your choosing. Post your photos once you’ve posted the cushion, maybe using #uncomfortableaboutthe8th or #GetComfyWithRepeal – we can decide on Twitter.

I really hope some of you will join in!